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Summit Integrated Systems is more than just an AVL integration company. We believe that people are at the heart of everything we do, whether that’s the people we work with or the people on our team. When you’re on the Summit Team, it’s not just a job. It’s a place to build your character, hone your skills, and become the best you there is, all backed by incredibly supportive teammates.

A Day In The Life.

It’s one thing to tell you what it’s like to be a part of the Summit team, but we’d rather show you. Click below to see what a day in the life looks like in each department of Summit.


The Summit Install Team is our in-the-field crew who install, upgrade, or maintain the AVL systems our Projects and Design teams dream up.

If you’re a fan of road trips, building things with your hands, and working hard so you can play harder, the Install Team might be for you.

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The Projects Team are the wizards that make the magic happen. They coordinate, problem solve, and basically make sure everything for an install project goes as smoothly as humanly possible.

If you know AVL systems like the back of your hand and understand how a healthy church production team operates, Projects might be the place for you.

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Business Ops

We see Summit as a well-oiled machine. Every piece and part doing it’s individual job while working cohesively with the rest of the machine to make sure everything is working as best as humanly possible.

And the Business Operations Team is the glue that holds it all together. From gear ordering to finance and strategy to office management, this team holds down the fort and makes sure every other team can function to it’s fullest ability.

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Customer Experience

The Summit Experience is not just what clients see and feel the first time they meet us. The Summit Experience starts before we even hop on a phone call, and it continues long after any contract is signed or system installed.

Which is why our Customer Experience Team is so crucial to Summit. So if you’ve got a passion for connecting with people while also knowing about church production, this team was made for you.

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Assembly & Production

Ask anyone who follows Summit on social media and they will tell you that our rack wiring and wire management is some of the best in the game. And who are we to argue with the Internet??

Our Assembly & Production Team are the true geniuses who build every piece of custom gear and all of the equipment racks that we install. Much like the Install Team, people who love working with their hands and building things from the ground up are ideal for this team. Sound like you?

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Engineering & Design

A well-designed AVL system means paying attention to every tiny detail that might go into it. Which makes our Engineering & Design team some of the smartest, most detail attentive individuals this side of the Rocky Mountains.

So if you’re into CAD, systems design, or just love diving into the details of a project, we might have a spot for you on our Engineering & Design Team.

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