Shine Through.

From the moment people walk into a church, the first thing they’ll see (quite literally) is the lighting. Lighting sets the atmosphere, plain and simple. Proper lighting design can take a large room and make it feel intimate. From hazers to movers, par cans to dimmers, house lights to atmospheric lighting and everything in between… Summit has you covered.

From The Stage To Your Eyes.

Stage lighting is crucial in creating a dynamic worship experience. It not only catches the attention of the human eye but a well-lit stage produces higher quality video as well. The types of fixtures and placement are carefully considered to craft the worship experience each community aims for. Ultimately, the goal of lighting is to create an experience that puts Jesus at the center of the room by using visuals that physically draw the eyes in.

Details, Design, Definition.

Much like our approach when it comes to creating sound systems, the details are in the design. Summit’s Project Managers work with a team of in-house designers making sure every aspect is covered. This defines a guideline for our Install Team so they know where to point and focus lights to provide the best visual experience possible.

Intricate designing like this allows us to greatly extend the possibilities of your lighting system. Now that LED house light fixtures or more accessible, we can help you create a space where the house lights mirror what’s happening on the stage, erasing the divide between stage and audience. We believe that well-designed lighting can break people out of the physical space they are in and help move them into moments of worship.

Versatility - Because Everyone Likes Options.

We design our systems with what we call “scalable infrastructure”. This means if you decide to change your stage design for special occasions or events, your lighting package can scale with you. We also make sure that our designs are capable of going beyond the initial install. So if you want to add more lights, by all means, you can add more lights. Flexibility and versatility are essential when technology is continually changing.

To Haze or Not to Haze... That is the Question!

Haze in the air is what makes a sunset so beautiful. Without even the smallest amount of haze, it loses a certain depth. Many churches are hesitant to add haze because they believe it turns the service from worship to “rock and roll.” We definitely empathize with this perspective. But we also acknowledge that too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all. Ultimately, the decision is completely in your hands. All of our design decisions come down to one thing: “Is this the right decision for this church and their DNA.”