Change is inevitable. Adaptability is necessary.

If we’ve learned anything about church production since the beginning of 2020, it’s that adaptability is essential. While some people are waiting for everything to “get back to normal,” we’d rather figure out a better way to reach people in this new normal. With a need for more church video streaming solutions for online church, the time is now to utilize the technology we have to amplify the Message louder than we ever have before.

Better Production Enables Bigger Creativity.

The point of church lighting and video, in our opinion, is not to show off the technology. Rather, the technology is opening up the door for church tech and worship teams to create an environment that allows people to freely experience God without distraction. So how does church live video production translate to a great online church experience?

In the same sense that technology should not limit creativity when it comes to an in-person worship experience, it shouldn’t limit creativity when it comes to creating online church experiences when people can’t physically attend church. This does not mean pouring all of the production budget for the year into fancy cameras or lights. This means figuring out what online experience connects best with your community and how to make that experience easily accessible to them.

Meet The GO Pack Pro. Your New Live Streaming Best Friend.

We get it. At one point, it was enough to just have content out there. Even if it was a sermon from your pastor’s living room being streamed from a smartphone to social media, anything was better than nothing. At this point, however, many churches are realizing that their smartphone sermons are no longer connecting with people as well as they were hoping. This means new church live streaming solutions need to be found.

Live streaming for churches shouldn’t be complicated! So we decided to un-complicate it. Our team has spent more than a year designing and redesigning a streaming pack specifically for the church. The result is the GO Pack Pro: an all-in-one, easily transportable streaming powerhouse. Utilizing Resi’s Ray encoder, your church will be up and streaming in no time; and it’ll look better than ever before. Order now, only at

So what now?

The way we connect with each other is changing. The way the Church communicates the gospel is changing. Now is not the time to sit idly by and wait for things to get back to normal. Now is the time adapt and dive deeper into human connection. Now is the time to GO!

If you’re looking for live streaming gear for churches or if you’ve got questions on creating online church experiences that drive connection, we’re here to help! Feel free to reach out using the form below and our Summit Product Specialists will get back to you ASAP!

For more info on church live streaming solutions, check out our Live Streaming Guide here.