Do you work with anyone besides churches?

A while ago we decided that our skills and knowledge would best be used to help churches utilize technology that allows more people to bump into Jesus. Our goal is to become an extension of the church communities we serve in order to further the Kingdom. Because of this, we don’t work with any industry outside of the House of Worship community.

Do you only work with Large churches?

We’re more of a “Wow, we really love what this church is doing, and we want to be a part of that!” type of people. We dive into a church’s vision and culture to see if we would be a complimenting fit for them, regardless of size, budget, or location (limited to the good ol’ continental USA).

How much does it cost?

It depends. We provide services for all budgets! Our Summit Xpress team is ready to take on smaller projects that require a minimal install crew and can be completed in less than a week’s time. However, if your project is a bit more involved, our Install and Assembly teams are at your service. Email for questions about pricing.

Do you OFFER MORE THAN lighting services?

We are a complete audio, video, lighting, and acoustical design and install firm. We do it all!

Will you install gear that We already own?

Yes! If you’ve got gear that you want to continue utilizing in your new project, we can absolutely include those items in a new design/build.

Can I rent gear from you?

Only if you buy it first! Otherwise, we don’t offer any rental services.

Do you guys finance projects or gear?

Summit operates as a cash/check only company in an attempt to keep our prices as low as we can. Because of this, we don’t offer any type of financing. However, we have worked with many churches who use different financing options and can gladly point you in the direction of some of those options.

Do you have gear in stock? If so, can I stop by and pick it up?

Summit is a non-stocking dealer for most manufacturers we carry which means all of our product is special-ordered per installation job. There are very few exceptions for this, so if you need something ASAP, we recommend reaching out to us via email or phone call first to verify availability and timeline for new orders.

Do you have anyone on staff that could mix for us on the weekends?

While the majority of our staff comes from previous church tech positions and are more than capable of running a sound or lighting console on the weekends, that is not a service Summit provides.

What does design/build mean?

Simply put, design/build is the term we use to talk about the process we go through on every project. First, we design the system, and then we build and install it — easy peasy.

Can you come out and tell us what’s wrong, outdated, broken and how to fix it?

Yes. Kinda. By definition, we don’t do any consultation work. But, every design and installation we do comes with a decent amount of consultation with your church leadership and tech staff. However, the consultation we do is more to design and install the best system possible. If you’re looking for a company that will tell you what’s wrong and how to go about fixing it, you’re going to want to search for a consulting firm.

Do you outsource to local contractors?

We proudly employ an entire prep and installation team that travel all over the country. We have a very high standard for installation quality and to make sure that standard is met, we hire and train all of our employees in-house eliminating the need for any outsourcing.

What sort of warranty do you offer?

We honor all manufacturer warranties on gear and will assist in setting up the repair and replacement of gear within those warranty periods. Outside of the gear itself, all of our installations come with a 1-year warranty on labor and workmanship from Summit. Beyond that, service visits are quoted on an individual basis.

How do you support nationwide clients when you’re BASED IN Colorado?

Luckily, we live in the future! Most of the systems we install give us the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve remotely from our offices in Colorado. We’re also available by phone, email, text, facebook, and smoke signals if you’re in visibility range. For issues that require in-person support, we’re able to make that happen as well.