The GO System

A brand new approach to portable church. We started out with a simple idea: go and preach everywhere. Location and space should never hinder churches from connecting with the communities they are in. Neither should complicated technology. The GO System is a fully modular, fully portable, and fully integrated AV system designed with church production teams and volunteers in mind. Next level audio and video with a set-up time under 30 minutes. Let’s GO!

Tech Specs & Pricing

The GO Pack and GO Pack Pro

We set out to design the most portable and robust video streaming system we could. You may be asking “Why, though???” Because there’s a need right now for the Church to be able to connect with the world, no matter where they are, physically. From backyard worship sessions to living room sermons, the definition of “church” is changing before our very eyes. And instead of waiting for things to “go back to normal,” we decided it would be better for Summit to keep our eyes forward. And that means making sure pastors and tech teams are able to do church wherever and whenever. Enter the Summit GO Pack.

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Custom Portables

Churches have been meeting in portable campuses for years now. The Sunday morning set-up and tear-down routine is something most of us can relate to. Our goal with Summit GO is to remove as many tech obstacles as possible so that your church can go and preach everywhere! Our full audio, video, and lighting GO Systems are custom systems that are designed with your church’s DNA in mind. Specifically built so that you and your team have the tools to spread the message, without the typical headache that comes with a typical portable AVL system.

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