More Than Four Walls.

Whether you’re moving into an existent building or you’re constructing one from the ground up, a permanent church building is so much more than just a structure. It’s community space, a place to learn and grow, and it’s also home for your church family. It’s essential to keep those ideas at the forefront when it comes to an AVL system because each aspect of tech will help shape the way your community feels at home.

Focus, focus, focus.

Not all churches know what “staying focused” means in the context of investing in AVL equipment. Moving into a new building brings excitement, anticipation, and a host of dreams to implement. With this excitement comes a tendency to look at other churches for inspiration. This is definitely not a bad thing! However, it’s easy to get into the mentality of “I want what they have because it’s working for them.” While a particular piece of gear or type of system might work perfectly for one church, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work with yours.
Keep your attention on what kind of church experience you are providing, and what equipment will add value to it. What gear is going to shape the environment that defines what people are going to experience when they walk through the front doors? That is where your focus needs to be when it comes to AVL equipment.

DNA Based Design.

When we sit down with a church to talk about the AVL design of their new church building, we completely avoid talking tech altogether. We’ll get there eventually, but the most important thing for us is figuring out your church’s DNA. What makes your church community tick? We talk about stuff like worship style, church culture, different languages your congregation might speak, and anything else that would be integral to what makes your church YOUR church.

After we understand exactly how you do church, we start the design process. We choose gear and equipment that is going to compliment your church’s DNA and make your worship space a place where people feel connected.

We'll Never Leave You Hanging.

Part of moving into a new building is learning to grow into that building. Getting used to a new AVL system is very much like getting used to a new car. There are new buttons that do things your old car didn’t, and there are new ways to do the same thing your old car did. Either way, we’ll make sure you are 100% confident behind the wheel of your new AVL system before you hit the open road.

But it doesn’t just end there. A church is a living, breathing organism that grows and molds into whatever shape God is making it. We design your system as future-proof as possible with the idea of expandability in mind from the get go. And we’re always a phone call away to help with any questions or issues that might come up along the way. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.