Listen & Observe

Every church is different. That’s why we like to spend time getting to know your team and culture. It’s the most critical part of our process and it informs every detail of the system we build for you. Listening to the stories, the experiences, the dreams, and aspirations ensures that we provide a customized solution designed specifically for you and your community.

Research & Define

This part of the process is when we take all of those dreams and stories and create something more concrete from them. We define which aspects of your church’s DNA are most crucial and how your worship services reflect that, and we lay out what is considered a success for you as a church. This gives us a set of goals to keep in mind throughout the entire design process.

Collaborate & Conceptualize

Now comes the fun part. We take those goals that we set and come up with ways to accomplish them. There’s no wrong or right way to go about it which makes this step one of our favorites. We work with your production and creative teams to come up with the perfect solutions to make those successes a reality.

From there, our design team takes over. They take all these dreams and put them into an assortment of design softwares like Sketchup, AutoCAD, and EASE. As the system takes shape digitally, we can measure out all of the technical aspects and correct any inconsistencies that might pop up along the way.


Together, we’ve taken the big picture idea of your church and created a design out of it. Now it’s time to make our ideas a reality. This is where our tools and expertise meets your vision to create amazing worship experiences. We don’t stop until we get it right, anything below excellent does not receive our approval.

Commission & Educate

Once the system has been installed, we don’t just hand the keys over to you and say “Good luck!” We believe that just providing you with the tools isn’t enough. After all, where would Luke be if Yoda never taught him to use the force? We spend a week refining all the systems to meet your needs and we invest the time in training your teams on how to use the tools to their fullest potential.


After everyone has been trained and opening weekend goes off without a hitch, we don’t just hop on a plane and fly off into the sunset. Part of your success is in the fact that we’re always a phone call away. If you need help, advice, or more gear we’re here for you. In addition, along with all manufacturer warranties, our workmanship is guaranteed for a full year. If something isn’t working as it’s supposed to within the first year, we’ll send someone out to fix it on our dime.