A city on a hill is something to celebrate, right?

It’s because of this exact reason that Celebration Church chose to build their worship center at the highest point in Southwest Texas. They wanted to be a beacon for God in the city of Austin and we’ve been working with them since 2015 to make that dream a reality.

Celebration’s flat floor and the curved back wall created a challenge for us, but we were able to create a flexible and future-proof AVLA system that includes three brilliant LED walls, an expansive PA system with a 26 device Dante infrastructure, and a complete Broadcast studio in their main auditorium. Another distinct aspect of this project was that Celebration wanted to be able to move their equipment on and off stage for conferences, gatherings, concerts, and other events that they regularly host. Our approach was to create moveable platforms with simple cable disconnects, thus making it easy for them to change the stage layout to allow for ultimate adaptability on the fly.

Overall, the entire system was designed with flexibility in mind. The Celebration Worship and Tech Team’s unified vision allowed for quick decision making as everyone was consistently on the same page. Ultimately, this made working with Celebration Church a great experience.