One church, multiple locations

sums up Life.Church’s approach pretty well. They basically invented the modern day multi-site church. Life.Church has 33 campuses nationwide and they are adding more every year. At the center of the operation is their main Edmond, OK campus. Life.Church Edmond will serve as the main broadcast campus for years to come. With a state-of-the-art video suite (that looks like it could also be the bridge of a starship) and updated lighting and audio systems, the Edmond campus is completely outfitted to broadcast sermons from Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel across all the different campuses, from their Albany, NY campus to their Rio Ranch, NM campus. We talk about how powerful of a role technology can play when it comes to communicating the Gospel and Life.Church is a prime example of that. They utilize the tools they have to create environments where people all over the country are getting a chance to know the real and living God.
Working very closely with their Central Team Leader of Technology, Greg Bacus, we developed the necessary trust and collaborative relationship needed to support their specific needs as a multi-site organization. Because of this relationship we established with Greg and his team, Summit has now done installation work at each of their 33 campuses and counting.

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