The intentionality that Milestone brings to their worship services is one of a kind.

Their team has such a high design aesthetic, which they integrate into everything they do. From the way the lighting is programmed to the graphics that are playing during each song, Milestone is a church who cares about the details. The synergy between the creative, production and worship teams within the church was such a joy to work with, and the unity between them shows in the experience that they work hard to create each weekend.

We’ve been told that Texas does everything bigger and Milestone’s building is no exception to this. With 50 feet of open space between the ground and the ceiling, getting the acoustics right was the ultimate priority with this project. In addition to the acoustical challenges of the room, planning for future expansions ahead of time made it possible to ensure that Milestone wouldn’t have to purchase more gear to accommodate a 1,600 seat to 2,300 seat expansion. This project pushed Summit to further think outside the box and be creative with each of the disciplines of AVL design. If you’re in the Keller TX area anytime soon, we highly suggest you stop by Milestone Church to experience the awesome way they do church.