National Community Church

has been serving the Washington DC area for more than 20 years now. They’ve had a pretty simple approach to ministry over the years: What did Jesus do? They started doing church in theaters around DC that were close to Metro stops because Jesus went to where the people were. Jesus changed people’s lives during their daily routine when they were simply trying to get water from the local well, so National opened up a coffeehouse with that same idea in mind. National Community Church truly lives the Gospel.

National is on a mission to take their ministry to the next level. With the opening of their Capitol Hill campus, they are moving into a multi-phase plan that includes opening an entire marketplace ministry with shops and restaurants where local businesses can set up shop while still being able to give back to the community. This is because National believes the church belongs in the middle of the marketplace. In addition to this, National plans on opening up a child development center to not only serve families in the church, but families in the entire DC area.