Have you ever heard of a 15 sided dome?

We hadn’t either until we started working with Trinity Church in Lubbock, TX. This distinctively shaped building, built in the 1970’s, was one of the unique circumstances that we encountered during the design and installation process. Another part of Trinity’s install that made things different from previous installs was that the church had dance floor scaffold across the building. This gave our team only one week between the dance floor being removed and the new seating being installed to fly the PA system, hang truss, lights, as well as getting everything focused and dialed in. Did we mention that the stage hadn’t been installed yet? All in all, a challenge that both Trinity and Summit were able to tackle together. Teamwork makes the dream work!


The goals of this project were to have more consistent and even coverage for every seat in the room, and create a more visually dynamic worship experience. However, the dome shape of the building created a few limitations. Our install team was limited to a mere 10 pounds per foot when it came to hanging anything from the ceiling. Despite this and the fact that our guys are also magicians, we installed 24 under balcony delay speakers, 3.3 Million pixels worth of LED walls, and 66 new moving lights. It was a balancing act, but it all worked out in the end, and if we do say so ourselves, the room looked and sounded fantastic!