Summit Essentials

Included with every install project is our Summit Essentials warranty. This warranty covers the following items for one full year after commissioning date.

Guarantee on labor and workmanship done by Summit (Does not include work done by outside contractors or integrators, even if they were working on something Summit installed)
Support and assistance in setting up repairs or replacements for manufacturer warranties
Online support access
Remote systems diagnostics to troubleshoot issues

Summit Care

At Summit, we stand by our work and our Essentials warranty shows that. However, we’ve noticed most technical issues churches encounter with their AVL systems come after a year or two of regular wear and tear.

Enter: Summit Care. The same quality coverage and support for your entire AVL system for an additional two years. This means you get a total of three years of complete support and protection for your AVL system.

Didn’t add Summit Care up front? No worries at all. You’ve got the entire first year after your system has been commissioned to add it.

Any Questions?

If you’ve got questions about Summit’s warranty options and coverage, or want to add Summit Care to your project, reach out to