The Summit Crew. Our team consists of former pastors, technical leaders, and volunteers. We partner with architects, engineers, and designers to help local churches leverage technology to achieve their vision.

Summit began its journey as a simple bicycle assembly business (Summit Assembly) and quickly transformed into a pro audio installation firm after Chris Rayburn and his bike assembly crew agreed to install 600 ceiling speakers in an office building. Since that first install, Summit has grown into a full-service Audio, Video, and Lighting firm focused on delivering the most engaging worship environments for the local Church.



Sometimes, when you set out on a journey, you don’t exactly know where you’ll find yourself in the end. When I started Summit in 1997, I never could have imagined where it would go and where it would take me. The impact on church communities across America that Summit has made will never cease to amaze me. Building Summit to what it has become in the last few decades fills me with hope and excitement for what the next 20 years will bring for the Summit team.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.
-Chris Rayburn




Tyson Wiens

Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Nick Kofahl

Owner/Chief Vision Officer


Deron Yevoli

Director Of Projects and Engineering

Max Williams

Director Of Marketing & Communication

Ben Thompson

Director Of Assembly & Production

Ryan Lynette

Director Of Installation


Ben Blevins

Project Manager

Cameron Fries

Project Manager

Andrew Starke

Project Manager

David Forman

Project Manager

Seth Thiesen

Project Manager

Alexis Bond

Vendor & Projects Coordinator

Ally Wilton

Admin Assistant

Customer Experience

Jake Cody

Client Relations Manager

Nick Skipper

Summit Xpress Sales

Brandon Lopez

Support Specialist

Design & Engineering

Travis Leatherman

System Design Engineer

Matt Strong

System Design Engineer

Greg Splitt

System Design Engineer

Mark Yakey

System Design Engineer

Michael Hopkins

System Design Engineer

Assembly & Production

Adam Hoekstra

Assembly Manager & Building Manager

Miguel Quezada

Assembly Technician

Alex Armstrong

Assembly Technician

Matthew Russell

Assembly Technician

Business Operations

Sean Blanchard

Purchasing Manager

Liz Lewis

Office Manager & Employee Ambassador


Rachel Andersen

Creative Marketing Manager


Derek Cobb

Technical Development Manager

Don Erdmann

Senior AVL Foreman

Hal Seefeld

Install Foreman

Matthew Kinney

Install Foreman

Jaime Carr

Install Foreman

Cesar Campos

Lead AVL Technician

Justin Tranum

AVL Technician

James Haynes

AVL Technician

Daniel Williamson

AVL Technician

Noah Harris

AVL Technician

Levi Connell

AVL Technician

Beth Hobbs

AVL Technician

Andrew Benjamin

AVL Technician

Mason Dill

AVL Technician

Matthew “Tate” Russell

AVL Technician

Keoni Eppe

AVL Technician

Josh Cohen

AVL Technician

Chris Spreng

AVL Technician

Current Job Openings

Project Manager

Summit Xpress Technician

AVL Technician (New Recruit – Lead Technician)