What We Do.

We successfully manage projects nationwide providing smart design and solid technology to help churches connect with their people. From large, turnkey, church AV system installations to small system upgrades to portable church setups. Our obsession for creating immersive worship environments that help point people to Jesus is what truly drives our church audio, video, and lighting systems.


Summit Xpress, offers the same experience you’ve come to expect, but on a smaller scale. Everything from upgrades to full AVL systems!

XP is also your one-stop-shop for ordering gear. Bring us your parts list or if you need a little guidance, our Summit XP Product Specialists have your back!Learn More


Churches have been meeting in portable campuses for years now. The Sunday morning set-up and tear-down routine is something most of us can relate to. Our goal with Summit GO is to remove as many tech obstacles as possible so that your church can go and preach everywhere!Learn More

New Build

There’s nothing that gets our team fired up quite like figuring out the perfect AVL system for a church’s first new building. From the PA system, all the way down to how your tech team is communicating, crafting the perfect worship environment is our specialty.Learn More


Between live streaming, audio/video coordination between campuses, and all the other hurdles of a multi-site church, things can get complicated. We love making those complicated things a little simpler for you.Learn More

Live Streaming

It used to be enough to just have a smartphone-streamed sermon from your pastor’s living room. However, many churches are realizing that their smartphone sermons are no longer connecting with people as well as they were hoping. This means new church live streaming solutions are needed.Learn More

Our Process.

Our first step together doesn’t involve gear at all. We want to know where you’ve been and where you want to go. Gaining a clear understanding of you and your church community from the start will lead us to a productive and lasting connection. To find out what happens after that click the little video and we’ll explain the rest.
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We strive to push past the expected to create a dynamic system that scales with your vision and needs.


We have a dedicated team of installation professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience that help bring ideas to life.


What good is a system without the know-how to use it? We partner with our clients to help them get started creating compelling worship experiences.


We think this stage of the process is so vital to the success of our projects that we enable our team members to culturally immerse themselves in the lives, stories, and vision of all of our customers. Think of it like studying abroad without homework.

Before we even mention gear, we get to know what makes a church tick. From there, we utilize the latest technology to design an AVL system that compliments every aspect of a church’s DNA. When it comes down to it, one size doesn’t fit all. We’d much rather it be that way.


Our team is committed to creating flexible and effective audio systems that conform to our customers’ needs. We have decades of experience in live stage performance, traditional and modern worship, and a little rock n’ roll.Learn More


Video is one of the most powerful tools of storytelling and communication. When it comes to designing the right video system, there are infinite choices. At Summit, our team crafts solutions engineered to each customers vision. Learn More


Lighting design is more than pointing lights at a stage. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that captivates your audience. We create cutting-edge lighting solutions that are intuitive and ready to go from day one.Learn More


It takes more than slapping a few acoustic panels up on the walls to fully shape the acoustical response of a room.Learn More


Ready, Set, Build. Because we care so much about the work we do, we make sure it meets our high standards all the way thru final installation. Some call us perfectionists. And we’re ok with that.

Our highly qualified installation teams work tirelessly, making sure every detail is cared for and maintained to specification. When it comes to producing your vision, anything short of excellence won’t get our approval.

Our teams understand the importance of properly setting up the equipment so that it is both user-friendly and technically robust. Tuning the audio system is a major component of our final preparations. It is a delicate balance of artistry and engineering to create the proper voice of your system. To achieve this balance, we work closely with your staff and volunteers in combination with a precise measurement software called SysTune.


Crossing the finish line is only the start. We enable our customers to not just be owners of AVL systems, but to become artists and innovators with these new tools.

Empowering people is more than just an added feature. It’s a passion of ours. That’s why we invest in every one of our customers with specialized training on the audio, video, and lighting equipment before the grand opening to help create the most impact.

Support Never Felt This Good

Even after we get you up and running with your new systems, you may have some questions. Our dedicated team of project managers can help you.

Please send us a message if you have a question or just want to say hello at support@summitintegrated.com. Or visit our contact page.