What is Summit Xpress?

Summit Xpress, or Summit XP, is the same Summit experience you’ve come to expect from our team, but on a smaller scale. This includes everything from upgrades to full AVL systems! Generally, Summit XP projects are projects that can be installed in less than a week with a minimal install crew. Summit XP projects are quick, easy, efficient, and next-level.

Summit Xpress is also your one-stop-shop for ordering gear. Whether you’ve got a parts list ready to order or need a little guidance on what equipment you actually need, our Summit XP Product Specialists have your back!

It's All About The Church

We created Summit Xpress to ultimately serve as a resource for the Church. We understand the need for churches of all sizes to have quality audio, video, and lighting gear so that the message of the Gospel doesn’t become disrupted by tech. And as much as we love working with large-campus and multisite churches, our heart is for the “Capital C” Church. Because of that, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire branch of Summit to serving the needs of those we may not have been able to work with before.

Why not order from an online retailer?

There are a lot of great online stores where you can get your AVL gear. In our opinion, though, an online retailer doesn’t quite understand what it’s like to be a tech director at a church that absolutely needs a piece of gear by the weekend or else services are going to be a disaster. Simply put, an online retailer doesn’t know what it’s like to be a church production tech.

Summit does. Most of our team has been on a church production crew at some point in their life. We understand how a church’s DNA can affect what AVL gear they choose. Summit’s Product Specialists have the experience and knowledge of how church production works. And when a solution requires a little more processing, our entire team of engineers and Project Managers are ready to jump in to make sure your church is ready to go. Church audio, video, and lighting systems are second nature to us.